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AMO container bag(sack) weighing machine allowed just a single operator to fill up the powder into container bag and as a result of that, operation efficiency can be improved drastically.

AMO has developed safe and rational weighing machine for various container bag ( sack ).
Recently, under the pressure for achieving products distribution rationalization, powder manufacturing / packing industry are making much efforts to realize transportation cost saving. amo has newly developed safe, rational and user-friendly container bag ( sack ) weighing machine make the most of own technology for powder fill up system using of kraft paper sack.

Demonstrate its superior features at the maximum within the limited space.

Amo container bag ( sack ) weighing machine shall bring up "solution" for powder manufacturing / packing industry who aim at improving present packing conditions.

Distinctive technical features of the container bag ( sack ) weighing machine

Expansion rubber tube clamp system
Since container bag ( sack ) opening is sealed up and holded from inside using of expandable rubber tube, frequency of powder scattering can be minimized as compare to container bag ( sack ) weighing machine that introducing "arm clamping method".
Movable type wagon for convey container bag ( sack )
Dual movable type wagons builted-in both right hand and left hand side of the container bag ( sack ) weighing machine is automatically discharging container bag (sack ) after powder fill up completion and improve its operation efficiency.
Supports container bag hang-up rope
The arms located at the both ends of movable type wagon can be swung by air cylinder mechanism for hang up rope easily. the said arms support container bag ( sack ) by swinging toward upper side during powder fill up operation.
Powder fill up nozzle opening can be moved up and down
Powder fill up nozzle located at the center of container bag (sack) weighing machine can be moved up and down by air cylinder mechanism. the height of the said nozzle can be adjusted by an operator at will.
Air exhaust system
That system expands container bag ( sack ) by blow air before powder fill up operation, widen container bag ( sack ) bottom area and stabilize the bag (sack) whole shape for achieving smooth powder fill up operation.? dual shaped powder filling nozzle ( consist of inner and outer piping ) controls exhaust air volume at two-steps. that system exhausts the same air volume as the powder volume to be packed in container bag ( sack ) during filling up operation. after powder filling up completion and when bag ( sack ) opening clamping is released, the system exhaust air at the maximum rate.

( Exhaust air volume may depend on the valve size and capacity of the dust collection equipment arranged by customer.)

How to operate the container bag ( sack ) weighing machine


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