We provide the machinery and facilities for bagging of powders,as fully automated system solutions.

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Based on enough experience in a field of powder packing technology, amo introduce the most suitable packer and its optional items depending on various packing conditions.

Here, we would introduce the typical 3 ( three ) variety of packer available from amo.

AMO gives a top priority not to promote our products without packing test using of various kind of powder / particle but to promote our products depending on various requirements and make it specialized.

Please contact amo sales department for more details.

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Options for the Packer

Foodstuffs Flour, Mixed flour, Tenpura flour, Cake-mix powder, Cornstarch,
Processed starch, Potato starch, Sweet potato starch,
Wheat starch, Tapioca starch, Rice starch, Dried pressed rice,
Rice flour / glutinous rice flour, Buckwheat flour, Albumen powder,
Protein powder, Superfine soybean powder, Curry powder,
Cocoa powder, Food additives, And others.Flour, Mixed flour,
Animal feed &
Bran, Wholemeal flour, Pressed wheat / soybean,
Rice sugar / wheat sugar, Coarse-grind old rice, Fish meal,
Mixed feed, Fish-farm mash, Skim milk powder,
Feed additives, Rapeseed husks, Barley crust, Chaff feed,
Beer waste mixed feed, Dried yeast, Calcium phosphate,
Corn feed, Gluten meal, Cornmeal, Corn flour, Corn grits,
Semolina, Magnesium silicate coalBran, Wholemeal flour,
Chemicals Coarse acrylic resin, Melamine resin, Methylmethacrylate,
ABS resin, Polyvinyl chloride resin, Nylon resin,
Polyethylene resin, Styrenic resin, Polypropylene,
Vinyl acetate, Various types of resin pellets,
Crystallized glutamic acid, Methionine, Sodium glutamate,
Amino acid, Fumaric acid, Sodium propionate, Oxalic acid,
Pentaerythritol, Isophthalic acid, Fatty-acid esters,
Dicyandiamide, Cellulose powder, Enzymes,
High-molecular coagulant, Desiccated biomass powder,
BHC agrochemicals, Pigments / granular pigments,
Dye intermediate, Rubber raw materials,
Anhydrous sodium sulfate, Anhydrous silica,
Crude oil pitch powder, Granular carbon, Activated carbon,
Sulfur powder, Iron oxide, Zinc white, Metallic soap, Nickel sulfate,
Manganese dioxide, Chromium oxide, Chromium chloride,
Ammonium chloride, Barium chloride, Titanium oxide,
Barium carbonate, Barium metaborate, Alumina,
Magnesium hydroxide, Magnesium oxide, Calcium sulfite,
And others.Coarse acrylic resin, Melamine resin,
Methylmethacrylate, ABS resin
Minerals &
Industrial wastes
Calcium carbonate (heavy), Calcium carbonate (light),
Calcium carbonate (glutinous/colloidal),
Plaster of paris, Hydrated lime, Feldspar powder, Clay powder,
Rock powder, Zircon sand, Silica sand, Magnesia clinker,
Abrasive compounds, Talc, Activated clay, Dolomite, Bentonite,
Graphite, Cement, Cement aggregate, Dry mortar, Welding flux,
Castable, Foundry sand, Soil coagulation hardener,
Coal powder, Glass powder, Wall materials, Wall spray finisher,
Plywood adhesive, Polishing powder, Crude oil incineration ash,
Fly ash, Powder from waste-water treatment,
Dried manure fertilizer, And others.Calcium carbonate (heavy),
Calcium carbonate (light)


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