Service tank Bag chair height adjuster Ejector unit Pinch shutter
Metal detector Force-feed attachment Attachment for open bags Bag Tipping Guide
Cushioned tipping bag chair with air ejector Blow-off device Hopper cleaning hatch
Dust collection hood Bag chair with vibrator Ring-nozzle unit

A service tank can be attached to the hopper to maintain the level of powder in the hopper.
This will further improve filling volume accuracy.

With this device, the height of the bag chair can be adjusted for filling bags of diverse sizes, simply by turning the handle.
When filling airtight bags, it is necessary to control backpressure. The ejector unit forces air out of the bag.
When bagging highly fluid powders, powder tends to leak from the nozzle after completion of filling. This device raises volume accuracy and the level of worksite cleanliness.

A small but highly sensitive metal detector can be attached to the rear of the nozzle section. If it detects a metal fragment, the detector stops the Packer and sounds an alarm.
When changing the type of powder to be bagged, the force-feed attachment effectively forces out any powder remaining in the Packer unit, thereby improving work efficiency.
This option attaches to the nozzle section of the AMO Packer to enable filling of open-mouth bags. Attachment and removal are simple, and can be completed in a short time.
The Bag Tipping Guide attaches to the Packer and the belt conveyor in front of the Packer. It controls the tipping of the bag thereby reducing powder spillage. Moreover, this unit is essential for raising bag sealing precision.
On completion of filling, this unit safely tips the bag onto one side and prevents the bag from becoming soiled or damaged. If using kraft paper bags, an air ejector function can also be applied.
The small amount of powder remaining in the nozzle after filling is blown into the bag with compressed air, raising volume accuracy and improving worksite cleanliness.
A hatch is set into the side of the Packer hopper to enable internal cleaning and inspection when changing powder type.
After completion of filling, the expansion nozzle contracts and separates from the bag. This option captures powder that escapes upon removal of the bag from the nozzle.
The vibrating bag chair raises fill density when bagging bran and other powders with low specific gravity. It does not affect quantity accuracy.
When bagging powders with adhesive properties or low fluidity, forcing air into the powder as it moves through the Packer can improve flow. The ring-nozzle unit is one such device.

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