We provide the machinery and facilities for bagging of powders,as fully automated system solutions.

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The AMO Bag Placer automatically supplies empty bags, and was developed specifically for the AMO Packer. Previously, an operator had to manually open the bags and set them onto a bagging machine. Automation of this process is one step in today's completely automated bagging and sealing line. The Bag Placer features integration with the AMO Packer and minimal space requirements. Using an original method for turning the bags 90 and setting them onto the Packer, the Bag Placer needs very little room. The AMO unit is highly compact, compared with similar machines, and can be arranged so that it uses the space over the belt conveyor running in front of the Packer.

The AMO Bag Placer enables an extremely flexible response. Bag types can be changed with very little stopping time. AMO custom designs each machine according to customer bag specifications, valve construction, and so on.

Operation of the automatic bag placer

A suction arm pulls one bag from the magazine.

While clamping the bag, the placer opens the valve.

After turning it 90‹, the placer sets the bag onto the nozzle.
The next bag is readied, and the process repeats.

While the bag is filling, the clamps return to the home position and begin preparing the next bag.

Installation Space

The AMO Automatic Bag Placer can be installed as a standing frame or as a suspended frame. It is situated in front of the Packer. As shown in the illustration below, the Bag Placer is directly above the belt conveyor that passes before the Packer. We recommend simultaneous installation and engineering of the Bag Placer, the belt conveyor in front of the Packer, and the Bag Tipping Guide.


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