We provide the machinery and facilities for bagging of powders,as fully automated system solutions.

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The ultimate pipe-feeding system for powder,
proven by many years of results and experience.

Nakashima Seisakusho Co, Ltd. was founded on development of a pump for feeding powders by pipe. Over the more than 40 years since, we have built up a highly satisfactory delivery record. The new model incorporates technological elements developed for the Packer and numerous improvements. This powder pump is suitable for a wide variety of powders, has enhanced operating environment cleanliness, and many other highlights. It is a masterpiece of engineering that more than satisfies customer requirements.

Features of the AMO Powder Pump

High-capacity pressure feeding through narrow pipes
The AMO screw technique mixes only a small quantity of air into the powder and achieves high-density force-feeding of powder. Pipes and receiving hoppers thus do not need auxiliary measures, making this a simple and effective facility for conveyance by pipe.
Minimal space requirement
Space available for pump installation might be limited by piping layout, or the delivery of powder for transportation to the pump might be low down or close to the floor. In such cases, especially, the space-saving design of the AMO pump demonstrates real merits.

Switching operations between multiple lines

Because the AMO pump forces powders through pipes under high pressure, there is a risk of damage with conventional switching valves. The AMO Disk Shutter is a solid and efficient pipe branching valve, designed specifically for pipe-feeding with the AMO Powder Pump.


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