We provide the machinery and facilities for bagging of powders,as fully automated system solutions.

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Displaying strengths in automatic sealing of valve bags.
Fast and sure operation.

The AMO Valve Sealer automatically closes adhesive-type valves and seals the bags. Having achieved automation
of the filling using the Packer and the Bag Placer, integration with a sealing machine and appropriate conveyors on a sealing line completely automates the powder bagging system.

Based on bag shape and the manner of conveyance, the capacity required, arrangement of conveyor lines, and other factors, AMO will fully customize installation of the sealing line to satisfy customer specifications.

Sealing of Valve Bags

To enhance the sealing accuracy of the AMO Valve Sealer, a separate press belt conveyor is necessary. This applies pressure to flatten bags that have become rounded while filling. It cleans the valve to improve the strength of the adhesive and coordinates the timing for sending bags to the sealing machine. AMO engineers all aspects of conveyors needed before and after sealing processes.
The AMO Valve Sealer applies a heater plate and cooler plate in turn to the valve. (The diagram to the left illustrates the progressive stop-start method of sealing.) To obtain the highest sealing efficiency, AMO offers solutions based on consideration of type of bag, valve and adhesive, temperature, the state of the valve after the bag has been filled, and other factors.

High-Capacity Type

Capacity of the sealing process can be further raised with a high-capacity sealing machine. Angling the bag enables continuous movement of the line. This method allows processing of about 1,400 bags per hour. Moreover, the high-capacity sealing machine can be adapted for bags of various sizes, arriving at random on the same line.


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