We provide the machinery and facilities for bagging of powders,as fully automated system solutions.

Protection-of-personal-information plan

In order to utilize some areas of this website, users will be requested to provide personal information such as their name, E-mail, and address.
* Concerning the Use of Personal Information *
The personal information of customers which is obtained through this website will be used for the following purposes. If a situation arises wherein a customerfs personal information must be used for a purpose beyond the scope of those given here, the customer shall be contacted in advance. If a customer does not agree with the intended purpose, they can refuse to allow their information to be used.
(1) Handling of inquiries
(2) Sending out of requested catalogs
(3) User confirmation when accessing membersf sites
* Concerning the Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties *
With the exception of the cases given below, no personal information provided by customers shall be shared with third parties.
(1) When a customer consents to their information being shared
(2) When no individual can be identified from the information disclosed
(3) When the third party is an entity with whom we have already entered into a nondisclosure agreement and who is necessary to the carrying out of operations
(4) When required to by law

* For Inquiries regarding Personal Information *

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