We provide the machinery and facilities for bagging of powders,as fully automated system solutions.

What is the most important factor to consider when handling facilities and machinery for factory use? We believe it is engineering. Simply lining up and arranging standard machines does not allow each machine to wield its full potential. Furthermore, this can be a cause of various problems and impediments. Therefore, our first step is to obtain full awareness of the specifications wanted by the customer. We then conduct experiments and studies with the particular powders, bags and other materials used by the customer, examine the customer worksite as necessary, and prepare solution plans.

Starting with the Packer, we set out various machine types, in addition to diverse optional equipment and optional specifications. Based on our expertise and knowledge of the machines, we select the machines and specifications that are ideal for the customer's purposes and propose a plan. When the customer accepts the proposal and agreement is reached on actual manufacture and delivery, our factory undertakes production and coordination based on individual specifications. Our engineers are fully involved all the way through installation at the worksite and running tests. This level of responsibility builds trust with customers. We believe such trust and confidence is the very relationship desired by customers.

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The readiness to respond to customer requirements and requests is apparent in the proposal. To prepare a better proposal, we have frequent meetings with customers to fine-tune details.

Engineers with extensive field experience take charge of specific design operations.

Skilled operatives assemble each custom-designed machine at our factory. Unlike manufacture of mass-produced goods, our strength includes the ability to deliver specifications that are finely tuned to meet customer needs.

When assembling a line, we first undertake running tests at our factory. The customer is encouraged to be present at such tests.

The outstanding potential of these machines cannot be fully realized if the operating conditions and environment are deficient. To attain maximum customer satisfaction, we take the greatest care with installation and operating conditions.

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